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Full bottle inspection

Full bottle inspection

Full-bottle detecting system has been used to detecting thefilling, capping, spraying and labeling quality of glass PET or light-permeable plastic bottles in beer, beverage and pharmacy industry, realizing the inspection of liquid level, cover, spray and label to ensure the product quality.

Full bottle detecting system combines several techniques such as CCD visiual testing, DSP image processing, multi-sensor fusion, high speed moving objects positioning, multilevel optical reflection imaging and wavelet neural network inspection, to realize the inspection of liquid level, high cover, slanting cover, missing link, no cover and printing. It adopts color sensor to test the label, the restoring needle inspection system  to detect gas needle fallen into bottles in the process of filling. If unqualified bottles  were detected, they will be automatically removed.

       The color sensor inspection system can be applied to monitor the filling and capping process which can automatically generate statistics of errors, and to realize monitoring function by sampling the filling and capping valves.
System Introduction
1. Multi-sensor system
2. Light source system
3. Image collecting system
4. Image processing system
5. Controling system
6. Remover  
7. Huamn-machine interface
Technical advantages
1. High speed, high efficiency
2. No radition, multi-angle inspection
3. Suits various bottles in special shapes
1. Liquid level inspection
2. Capping inspection
3. Printing inspection
4. Label inspection
It is used in the filling, capping, printing and labeling inspection of glass, PET or plastic bottles in the beer, beverage and pharmacy industry.

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