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For Beverage

Provide automatic equipment solutions for complete efficient beverage line as well as  wider and more professional technical support.

      Consumers pursuit health drinks with richer taste, more exquisite packaging and less sugar and additives. In addition to the required value and brand trust, consumers also enjoy bottles with creatively designed shapes and different capacities to fit personal image and life style.

What can Vanta do for beverage industry?
      Vanta knows how to make your brand outstanding and realize multi-product management in the same line to meet ever-changing requirements and flexibly adjust production line. Vanta has accumulated theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience from beverage filling, labeling to paper taping, carton erector (packing & sealing), shrink wrapping, palletizer and conveying system.

To tailor workshop: save limited energy and space
To improve efficiency: ensure quick production
To maintain quality: keep consitent product quality
To reduce cost: both manpower and energy cost

Partners: Pepsi-cola, Coca-cola, Qiu ling gas, Dali group, Wahaha group, Vitasoy, Jianlibao, etc.

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