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For bottled water line

Vanta intelligent solution for the entire line: pursuit of the efficiency and ability of equipment polymerization, focus on plant design and integration.

      Water is one of the necessities to keep life and living. With the enchancement of people's health consciousness, they continuously pursue unique, distinctive and easy portable packaging to adapt to various demands as well as cost-effective things.

      To ensure high quality products not only needs sufficient and flexible production line but also needs to maximize the equipment utilization. Vanta will provide you with the most complete production line with the most precise service.

What can Vanta do for bottled water industry?
       For decades, Vanta has been the supplier for a whole set of excellent producing and packaging equipment from pre-water treatment, blow molding machine, filler, capping machine, labeller to wrap around case packer, carton erector (packing & sealing), shrink wrapper, palletizer. Vanta can provide the all-round intelligent equipment, i.e, the intelligent soution for the entire line.

To tailor workshop: save limited energy and space
To improve efficiency: ensure quick production
To maintain quality: keep consitent product quality
To reduce cost: both manpower and energy cost

Partners: China Resources, C’estbon, Ganten, Nongfu spring, Dinghu spring, etc.

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