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Vanta provides solutions for liquid products lines

      Vanta provides liquid manufacturing production lines with key equipment such as such as water treatment, pretreatment, bottle blowing machine, filling machine, blowing filling and capping machine, labeling machine; and secondary packing equipment such as shrink wrapper, wrap around case packer, carton erector, carton sealer, carton packer/unpacker, sorting packer, depalletizer/palletizer and robots, conveying system, front-end automatic devices, posterior automatic devices etc.

Product series

Pre Water Treatment SystemThe water treatment system is mainly used in Secondary filtration of industrial water, aiming to save cost, water and lower pollution.

PET Bottle Blowing SeriesVanta PET Bottle blowing machine adopts advanced PLC control system and is easy to operate with simple panel and linear motion system.

Filling SeriesFilling Machine is developed by introducing international advanced techniques and combining the experience of washing, filling and capping.

BFC 3 in 1 MachineThe integrated system combining bottle blowing, filling and capping solutions adds convenience and improves efficiency.

LabelerVanta's labeler is pasting labels onto specific containers by adhesive or hot-melt glue.

Shrink Wrapping Machine SeriesShrink wrapper is widely used in beer, beverage, chemical, food and medicine industries in match with the production line.

Wrap Around Case Packer SeriesWrap Around Case Packer can pack kinds of bottles and cans and match automatic filling line.

Cardboard Sleeve MultipackerThis is a flexible and efficient packaging machine with modular structure, which is used to apply to small batch or large-scale production of secondary packages of glasses, bottles and cans, brick-shaped packages, double and single cup products.

Carton Erector SeriesVanta's Carton Erector keeps high stability in continuous linear operation with high speed.

Carton Sealer SeriesVanta's Carton Sealer mainly applied to sealing of cardboard cartons, is an essential part of packaging production line.

Carton Packer/UnpackerVanta's carton packer/unpacker is a piece of equipment used to load or unload scattered products.

Palletizer SeriesVanta's palletizer has been used in logistics industry, an essential part of major enterprises.

Depalletizer SeriesAutomatic depalletizer are mainly applied to unload PET bottles and cans onto conveying belt for the next part of the production line.

Packaging RobotsCharacterized by high speed, precise posotion and low cost, Vanta Packaging robot applies to dairy, food, medicine and electrical industries.

Online Inspecting DeviceOnline Inspecting Device has been widely used in failure diagnosis.

Conveying System of Production LineThe conveying system controls conveying speed and bottle flow, ensuring continuous normal operation of conveying system.

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