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PET Bottle Blowing Series

PET blowing machine

      Bottle blowing machine is used in today's vanta blowing technology developed the most advanced international and. Electrical machine, gas dynamic components, sealing parts, bearing, gear and other important parts are imported international brand-name products, to ensure the reliability and the service life of the equipment.

      Production process: feed, and billet, billet, heating, transmission, stretching and blowing, stereotypes, out of the bottle are automatically controlled by a computer, without the need to manually assisted, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, low production cost, small occupying space of equipment, high finished product rate reached 99.9% and is particularly suitable production line, the high requirements of the quality of pure water bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, carbonated soda bottles, heat filling bottles, production of edible oil bottle, large transfusion PP bottles and other industries.

PET Bottle Blowing Series

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