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2014 China International Robot Exhibition in Shanghai

时间:2014-09-29 12:01:51

      On July, 9th, 2014 China International Robot Exhibition was held in Shanghai. As one of the world's three major robot exhibitions, it covers an area of 16000m2, and involves 216 robot corporations.

      It displayed the intelligent automation technology represented by the robot and their application in industry, transporation, energy, medical,public safety, education and other fields.

      Guangzhou Vanta showed its spider robot sorter SP30 characterized by light, small volume, high speed and precise positioning, low cost and high efficiency to realize quick pick and sort, carton packer and other operation, suitable for dairy products, food, medicine and electronics industry.

     Vanta also displayed its robotic palletizer MJ 160, max. Load 160kg, max. 1000 cycles per hour, suitable for palletizing and conveying products in bags, cartons and barrels, has been widely used  in beverage, bottled water, flour and fertilizer industries.

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