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Nanjing Maoding Beverage co., LTD (Coca-cola)

Vanta has successfully developed full-automatic cold and hot glue labeling machine to provide PET labeling solution for beverage companies, filling domestic blank in the labeling field. The highly automatic and intelligent labellers which can achieve high efficiency with low cost, are widely used in labeling round or polygonal PET bottles   for water, tea, juice, beverage insustries.

      As the OEM of coca-cola, Nanjing Maoding company originally adopted non-biodegradable PVC heat shrinkable labels for sleeve labeling. However, to improve the level and beauty of packaged labelers, it requires environmental friendly OPP material hot melt glue labelling manner. From the day Jan. 29th, 2008 on, Nanjing Maoding become the first user of Vanta’s shrink labelling  machine. Vanta has been devoted to developing labellers and has several advanced techniques been approved by ISO9001 and CE.

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