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Service Support

Whole plant design and engineering

      Vanta provides high-speed automatic water production line, including such products as water treatment, blowing, filling and capping machine, 3 in one machine, labeler, conveyor, packaging and palletizing machines. Vanta helps customers to realize efficient operation, techniques upgrading, bottle types replacement and low costmaintenance.

Project Support

      Project support consists of pre-sales support and sales one.
      Pre-sales support is made up of professional project engineers who can do systematic design to meet customers’ requirements of flexible, efficient and low cost.
      Sales support is to further the integration between project and techniques, aiming to build cooperation friendship with customers.

After-sales Support

       With the expansion of global market, Vanta is paying more attention to after-sales service which can provide them with accessories and technical guidance in time and help them to solve problems during the production proceess, creating more vaues for customers. 

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